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Thad’s Weekly Thoughts (Week Eight)

It’s everything you ever want. It’s everything you ever need, and it’s here right in front of you. This is where you wanna be.”

Let’s talk about The Greatest Showman, again. The movie opens with what I believe to be one of, if not THE, catchiest song in the movie, “The Greatest Show”. Now in this song, like the song I wrote before, there are some lyrics that I find running through my mind all day.

It’s everything you ever want. It’s everything you ever need, and it’s here right in front of you. This is where you wanna be.” What the main character is referring to in his lyrics is this show. His show is THE greatest show you will ever see. It has everything you could possibly dream of having in a show. When I hear these lyrics, heaven comes to mind. Let’s break it down.

It’s everything you ever want.”  Heaven, is where we as Christians are all striving to be. We all want to be with God. We all want to see Jesus. Everything that we go through in life is worth it simply because of the fact that we get to be with God in Heaven one day. Heaven is everything that we as Christians could ever possibly want.

It’s everything you ever need.” Heaven is a place of happiness and rest. No more pain, no more worry, it’s Heaven. Being with God is all that we will ever need. God has prepared for us a place that is wonderful beyond our wildest dreams. He’s taken care of everything. In Heaven, there will be no need for worry, no need for rest, no need for any of the things that distract us here on Earth. It’s everything we will ever need.

It’s here right in front of you.” God hasn’t made it impossible to get to Heaven. In fact, He promised us that if we serve him and do what He’s told us to do here on Earth that He will give us a home with him in Heaven. God has given us everything, all he wants in return is for us to live for him. Granted, life is going to make it seem like it’s so far away and so hard to get there sometimes but like Paul says in Romans 8:18, “ I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not to be compared to the glory that will be revealed to us.” Don’t let the world cause you to take your eyes off Heaven, cause it’s here, right in front of you.”

This is where you want to be. I want to see Jesus. I want to see the son of God who died for me. I want to see my brother and all the other great servants of God that have left this world before me. Heaven is where I want to be. I want to be forever in God’s presence. I want to spend my eternity after this life with Him. I can only imagine how beautiful and wonderful Heaven will be and I can’t wait to see it. That’s where I want to be.

I want you to imagine Heaven, being with Jesus, being with all the great servants of God that left this life before us. Being in a place of eternal rest and joy, being with God forever. Imagine how great it will be. So tell me, do you want to go?

Thad Williams

Thad Williams

Youth Intern

Thad Williams is the Summer Intern for 2018. He is a Bible major at Falkner University in Alabama.

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